Winter is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space. From painting your deck,  or updating your patio furniture to adding a fire pit or new lights, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your outdoor space this winter.

The right upgrades can add plenty of value to your home. Here are some simple ways that you can upgrade your outdoor area so that it’s as warm and inviting as your living room:

Consider Concrete Fire Pits

Granite fire pit are a great option to add a classic, durable look to your outdoor space. They are also a great way to infuse warmth into your outdoor space, especially if you add firewood and light up the flames.

The concrete construction also means that they are low maintenance and don’t require much upkeep—just add some sand and start throwing logs on. If you like how the concrete looks but would prefer something more decorative or ornate, there are plenty of options out there for customization as well.

You can even pick up prefabricated pieces if you don’t want to go through the hassle of customizing one yourself.

Get a Stylish Chiminea

A chiminea is an outdoor fireplace that uses wood and heats your space stylishly. Chimineas are typically Mexican but can also be found in other South American countries, such as Chile and Uruguay. 

A chiminea is essentially an open-topped fire pit you can use to cook or heat yourself with while having an outdoor party with friends. It’s important to mention that it’s not as effective as an actual campfire; instead, it’s meant to keep everyone warm while hanging out around the flames.

Though many different types of designs are available these days, most traditional versions have been made out of clay pottery or metal pots filled with sand.

Heat Your Patio With an Outdoor Heater

The best way to keep warm while sitting outside is to have an outdoor heater. These are available in all sizes and shapes. However, they can be quite expensive and take up a lot of space. 

If you’re looking for something simple, consider getting a portable propane heater that can easily fit into your patio furniture’s cup holder or a table.

If you’re looking for something more permanent, consider getting an electric heater. These are also available in different shapes and sizes, but they’re generally easier to maintain than gas patio heaters.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Space

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to make the most of your outdoor space. An outdoor kitchen can be used for cooking during parties and entertaining or simply as a place to relax on the weekends. 

You can also use it for cooking when you’re cooking for others—it’s not just about being able to grill food.

Choose outdoor kitchen accessories that match your style and needs, so choose wisely. Some people prefer gas grills over charcoal grills because they’re easier to control with temperature settings.

If you plan on using your outdoor kitchen year-round, consider purchasing some heated mats, so your feet don’t get cold while cooking.

Create a Haven With a Patio Room or Gazebo

Patio rooms and gazebos can become a haven for relaxing and entertaining. They can also be used as an extension of your home. If you have a backyard and are looking for additional space, consider creating a patio room or gazebo. Cozy up the decor with water+fire bowls or concrete fire pits.

Patio rooms can be used as an extension of your home because they allow you to use your outdoor space year-round. You can add furniture, plants, and decorations to create the perfect setting for relaxing or entertaining guests in winter.

Final Word

Here’s hoping you found some inspiration in our list of ways to upgrade your outdoor space. From rustic styles to contemporary designs, there’s something for every homeowner and budget. If you have any questions about your outdoor project, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!