It is great fun to dive into the après-ski after skiing, but it is actually just as nice to play games together in the apartment. Ski pants off, comfortable clothes on and all at the table. Add a drink, chips and a piece of toast and the evening can begin. Hours of going on, lots of fun and all super fanatic. There are of course a lot of fun games, but they are too big to take with you. With a deck of cards you can go a long way, but there are also a lot of small games. In this blog we have, therefore, listed 7 fun games for you that you can easily take with you on winter sports.


Roulette embodies casino tradition more than any other game of chance. Roulette was invented by the French scientist Palise Pascal in the 16th century. The beauty of this live roulette or روليت بث مباشر is that only luck controls the course of the game. There are a lot of betting options available in this game including straight bets, odd bets, and even bets. If I get it right, the 10 euro portion doubles to 20 easily and at 50%.

Smooth Minds

Be quick and pay attention. That’s what this game is all about. You put five different objects on the table in a circle. Each round, a card is turned over with one or more objects on it. You have to grab the correct object from the table as quickly as possible. If you succeed, you can keep the card, if you pick up a wrong object, you have to give away a card. The point is to finish the game with the most cards. It seems simple, but of course there are plenty of catches.


Easy to carry, super cheap and always fun to play. Just simply roll the dice while chatting, laughing and going through the day. As the rounds progress, everyone gets more and more fanatical and the game just gets more fun. Yathzee is a game you can play for hours.


Do you like Bullying a card game? Then you will definitely like UNO! The traditional cards have been replaced by four suit cards with the numbers 0 to 9. In addition, special plague cards have been added to the game, such as skip a turn, flip the game and change color. Just like with Bullying, things get wild at UNO. Will you be the first to lose your cards? Or do you stupidly forget to yell “UNO” when you just have the last card in your hand? Hours of fun guaranteed!

Halli Galli

Halli Galli, also known as the game of the large fruit salad with the bell, is the ideal game to play after a great day of skiing. The total number of cards is divided among each player. In turn, everyone turns over a card and you continue until there are exactly five of the same fruits on the table. Then it’s a matter of pressing the bell quickly before another player does. Nicely fanatic!


No slippery earthworms, but dice and dominoes with numbers and worms. You need a fair amount of luck and guts during this game. After all, you have to dare to take risks. There is a number on each domino. That number is the number of earthworms. There are 8 dice, with which you collect as many earthworms as possible. Do you have a special tactic? Or is it just a matter of luck?

Horse Trading

Once again sold! Horse trading is one of the most popular winter sports games and that is not surprising, because it is a lot of fun to do. During horse trading, the entire livestock of the farm is auctioned and it is important that you manage to get as many (valuable) animals as possible. Each animal appears four times in the game and has its own value. In terms of points, it is important that you save as many quarters as possible. Are you a good seller? Or are you just playing a smart game? Success guaranteed!

Beaver Gang

Do you have a photographic memory, or are you just really good at developing certain techniques? Then Beverbende is the ideal game for you. Beverbende is a card game, but with a memory factor. You have 4 cards in front of you, of which you can only look at 2. The cards consist of penalty points and action cards. Do you have the fewest penalty points on the table in front of you? Then you win this round. Of course it’s nice to perform an illogical action every now and then. That way you can mislead your opponents. Of course the game gets even more exciting with more participants.


After doing winter sports, you can enjoy a lot of great games. The games we recommended for you will be perfect if you decide to enjoy them with your kids or friends. What’s more, they come in handy to prevent boredom during the winter break.

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