Being the UK’s top leading company in vehicle rentals, Nationwide Vehicle Rentals gives you the most advantages to vans for hire.

Van hiringat this company is easy and affordable. They arrive on time to deliver your rental vehicle and collect it from any UK location you choose. The vehicles are available to hire from our cars, vans and minibuses.

Services at Nationwide Vehicle Rentals

With free delivery and collection, they cover the entire UK in providing their services. So you need not worry anymore. Wherever you are in the UK, you’re just one call away to rent your vehicle.

The company is widespread and provides a local service to its customers. The requested vehicle is delivered with no charges to the customer’s exact address. The company cooperates and works according to its customer’s convenience.

The best feature is you do not have to pay extra for unlimited mileage. It provides you with free unlimited mileage on every hire. Hence, you can travel wherever you want to, no matter how far you desire. It makes you smile with every mile.

Another advantage of van hire from Nationwide Vehicle Rentals is you get to save a further 10% on Company Own Insurance (C.O.I). As everyone has their commercial insurance policy already, by ensuring the vehicle yourself from the website you get the 10% savings. If you need scannable fake id then you can visit here.

How does it work?

There are just three easy steps in cheap van hire at NVR. These steps take a minimum of five minutes if you are sure of your needs and requirements.

The first step is to pick your dates. You can comfortably choose any date for any time duration. The services are open 24×7 securely online.

The next step you need to do is to choose a vehicle. From the various quality vehicles available along with modern design, you can choose your desired one. The different cars, vans and minibuses available have their special features and functions.

The last step is to make a booking. You can book the desired vehicle of your choice according to your schedule. After this, you have to just sit back and relax.

Featured vehicles

Here is the name of the various cars available to hire from the website. Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Astra, Ford Mondeo, Mitsubishi L200, Mercedes C Class, 4×4 – VW Tiguan, Mercedes E Class, Mercedes A-Class, and Range Rover Vogue.

The various vans for hire are, SWB Van, LWB Van, EX – LWB/ 4MTR Jumbo, SWB Van Auto, LWB Van Auto, 3.5 Tonne Tipper Van, SWB Double Crew Cab, 3.5 TonneDropside Van, EX – LWB Van Auto, Luton Box Van and EX – LWB Luton Box Van.

The minibuses that you can hire are SWB Double Crew Cab – 6 Seater, 7 Seater, 9 Seater Auto, 9 Seater Manual and Mercedes Vitro 9 Seater.

The company’s cars, minibuses and vans for hire are 100% assurance for reliability, comfort and smooth functioning. If you need a airport taxi then visit here.

The detailed and cheap van hire features of various vans are:

SWB Van: it has unlimited mileage with a deposit of 250 GBP. The gearbox of the SWB Van is manual and has a maximum of three passengers space. The type of fuel required for this van is diesel. Additional information includes free delivery and collection, full insurance, no hidden costs and roadside assistance.

Good functionality and reliability is offered by the Ford Transit Short Wheel Base. The Ford Transit SWB one-tonne is a commercial vehicle. It delivers a bold new design with an attractive shining white finish from the outside. It also includes an all-new interior and enhanced productivity for those on the move.

Specifications of SWB Van

The internal LWH is 2.24m x 1.70m x 1.53m, the external LWH is 4.85m x 2.40m x 2.00m. The payload of the van is 900-1200 kg. The volume cubic metre and volume cubic feet are 8.5 and 300 respectively. And the estimated MPG is 30-40.

LWB Van: The mileage of this van is also unlimited with a deposit of 250 GBP. The van has three doors with a manual gearbox, A total of three passengers can be accommodated in the van. Diesel is used as fuel for this van. The additional information for the van is the same as the SWB van.

LWB van is an ideal van for moving big objects. The cheap van hire has become easier with the great features of the LWB van.

The vehicle specifications for the LWB van are: it has an internal LWH of 3.35m x 1.70m x 1.75m. External LWH is 5.70m x 2.40m x 2.55m. The payload is 1400 kg. The volumic cubic metre is 11.3 and the volume cubic feet is 400, with 28-35 MPG.

Luton Box Van

The Luton Box Van also has unlimited mileage with 250 GBP deposit. It has a manual gearbox with three passenger accommodation. The fuel used is diesel. Additional information includes free delivery and collection with full insurance and no hidden costs, along with roadside assistance.

The special features that comes with the Luton Box Van is that it has a 3.5 – tonne long wheel base. It has a large fitted box behind it which have hydraulic tail lifts that can be beneficial when trying to move the heavy weight items such as  freezers, pianos, and various other heavy  industrial equipment and household.

The dimensions of Luton Box Van are, internal LWH of 3.48m x 2.05m x 2.23m. External LWH is 6.50m x 2.10m x 3.15m. The payload of the vehicle is 976 kg and the maximum payload of the tail lift is 500 kg. Volume cubic meter is 16 and MPG is 25-30.


The Luton Box Van rental with Tail Lifts is an exclusive and most capable van. The Nationwide Vehicle Rentals is superior for people looking for quality Luton cheap can hire.

It is considered great for moving house. You can easily transport your belongings without any of them getting broken. This can is assumed to be the best to transport heavy objects comfortably. You are less likely to get injured while loading and unloading processes.

Other vans like the SWB Van Auto is automatic van hire from Nationwide Vehicle Rentals which is a perfect choice for an automatic van rental with a payload of 900-1200 kg.