Can You Use Egg For Hair Treatment In Real?

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Having to see chunks of those tresses falling out every time you run a comb through could be stressful.  You could try changing shampoos, go in for conditioners from the biggest brands and use the oil massage method to no avail.

Try Home Remedies Before Laser Treatments

Laser hair growth caps are an awesome option but these need dedicated treatments and ample time. You can try home remedies first and then when absolutely sure, you can opt for laser treatments. Understanding the risks and advantages of laser caps is important. As you understand how these work, it would be clever to try some hair hacks at home. After all, these will not bring in any harm.

  • Then again, one well known yet oft-neglected treatment for hair fall that actually gives results is the classic egg for hair treatment. When it comes to jotting down the most irritating beauty issues women face, hair fall and poor hair quality rank at the top.
  • Especially for women in cities that have rising levels of pollution, working women with rat races to compete in and busy moms who barely get to pamper themselves thanks to their kiddos ruling their lives; hair fall is a common issue.
  •  Use egg yolk for some hair care when in such situations. Using the egg hair mask will make you see results for real. If the smell makes you go “eww” try seeing the bigger picture and benefits up for grabs, before dismissing the egg hair mask or egg for hair option.

How to Apply Egg On Hair? 

There are few awesome ways you could employ the egg for hair option to add some sheen and volume to those tresses.

  •  As to why egg works against hair fall, the answer can be found in the presence of fatty acids, vitamins and proteins, that adds edge to your hair. And yes, both the yellow and the white could do wonders for your hair.  The protein in egg actually comes vested with the right qualities to work against hair fall. You have to be consistent to see results. Having patience helps!
  • The easiest way to apply egg is to stir one egg with some milk and apply the same in the way you’d shampoo in your hair. Make sure you rinse with water that’s slightly warm.
  • Then again, if you have excess hair fall and too much fizz, use the usual shampoo and later apply the egg content with a brush, and leave it in as a conditioner. That’s another way of answering how to apply egg on hair. hydrafacial london

What’s With The Smell?

And yes, we remember the smelly reputation of the egg hair mask or egg for hair solution and have a hack for it. Adding a dash of lemon or lime into the egg yolk and white could seal the deal here.

Summing Up

While eggs could be the elixir to your hair, do check if there are any internal deficiencies that might be causing hair fall. Run-of-the-mill remedies that suggest using banana mash or onion juice on scalp might lead to no good.  But then, applying egg with a spoon of olive oil on your hair roots and leaving it on for a couple of hours can promote hair regrowth. Make sure you wash off the egg hair mask with a shampoo and some cold water.  Doing this on a day of the week for two or three months, will leave you beaming and your comb not cringing at those locks that get stuck.

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