Due to the volatile nature of the exchange rates of cryptocurrencies, amateur financial journalists often call it gambling. But what they know about real gambling which has so little in common so even a metaphor is excessive there. A good argument against it will be the fact that many real casinos are accepting crypto as real currency.

For example, let dive into the world of crypto gambling learning about games of dice with bitcoin and other tokens. This will help to differentiate casino sites and exchanges to show which one is more profitable in a long run. Plus a small talk about regulations will be held as it is an important part of the financial stability of any activity.

Safe sites to spend coins on dice games

The strictness of laws considering gambling and exchanges is not in a favor of the latter! The casino industry is much older and more regulated than freshly born cryptocurrency exchange one. To argue with that one can make a statement that a good half of gaming sites scam their users in some shape or form. It is easy to counter a fact that 99% of these places are working without a trustworthy license or regular audits. In addition, while looking at the number of crypto scams running at that exact moment the question of regulations is important as ever!

To safely participate in bitcoin, usdt of eos dice one definitely need a good place to start. The best bet will be a local website with a good reputation among a person’s acquaintances. But if there are zero people playing a game of dice in the environment some international sites accepting crypto will definitely do:

  •       7BitCasino;
  •       WildTornado;
  •       Bitsler;
  •       SpotGaming;
  •       Bitcoincom;
  •       Winz.

They all have a gambling licence to work in the USA which is one of the hardest ones to get. So these are definitely available in Europe and other regions. Some of them offer an option to buy crypto right on the spot without any de-anonymizing exchanges involved. Yes, it is better to avoid centralized exchanges if one is interested in keeping your spending to themselves.

What is on the Table

If the wallet is ready, it is still hard to pick one game from thousands on these websites, especially for newcomers. Each type of crypto gambling software has its appeal so it is better to list the top ones in order to choose a couple:

  •       dice;
  •       blackjack;
  •       slots;
  •       roulette;
  •       Wheel of Fortune.

For the true high-rollers, the right pick would be dice games. Cash and crypto winnings will increase the initial bank a hundred times! High-risk high reward as they say is a familiar feeling for the true trader. Gambling can become a good hobby to cool down after reading news about finances the whole day. What is more important it is not a necessity to gamble for profit. That approach guarantees the enjoyment of the process will be 100%!