CryptoArbitrage: The Digital Gamble

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A digital or virtual currency that relies on cryptography as a secure channel to ensure it is being transferred or exchanged safely is known as cryptocurrency. It is traded online and protected with layers of encrypted security, making it a difficult currency to counterfeit. Moreover, it is independent of government regulation, which means it is not taxed, not controlled centrally, and can easily be tracked. This also entails lesser corruption or misappropriation and more accountability to the holders of such currency. It also means that it creates a bubble between its users which can break any time and render thousands of people in huge losses.

Bitcoin is an increasingly popular form of cryptocurrency, launched in 2009 by the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto. By 2021 itself, bitcoin had over 23 million circulations, and its market value reached 440 billion usd. The prices of these currencies only depend on supply and demand. They do not have any central repository and can theoretically be erased forever if a computer system crashes without backup. Since these currencies are so volatile to hold but still are a good avenue of investment and money-making, people indulge in the practice of arbitrage to make the most of their purchases.

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What is arbitrage?

The art of arbitrage is a strategy to make money from cryptocurrency without running the risk of it crashing or plummeting. This is easy because in different parts of the world and at different times, the prices of cryptocurrencies are different. The aim is to purchase a currency for a lower bid and sell it higher without sustaining a loss in the market. The essence of arbitrage is to find an opportunity to buy stocks for cheap somewhere and sell them somewhere else for a great profit margin. This needs to be done in the blink of an eye because waiting could also mean price changes in a split second. Sometimes selling and buying of a unit happens simultaneously because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.

There are many risks involved with this method because it is largely based on speculation and good luck. Sometimes one may end up with a bid valued at double the price of the original unit and would have to buy it. A modern form of cryptocurrency arbitrage is ‘Binance arbitrage,’ which is trading on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world called Binance. It is an extremely competitive trading space where novice traders should not engage, and they would suffer hefty losses.

Buying and holding bitcoin

Buy and hold bitcoin is the age-old method to earn bitcoin online, and it is just similar to that of investment. This is considered to be an effective method to earn money online. According to an online report, people who have owned bitcoin made massive profits simply by holding the bitcoin in their wallet for a specific timeframe. The value of the bitcoins would increase, and it is suggested strongly that by holding the coins in your account or on an exchange, you can get maximum value later. You can also prefer holding bitcoins on specific exchanges, giving you huge interest on every deposit you make. 

Crypto arbitrage is a risky game in the business but is justified because of the high demand for cryptocurrencies worldwide. It is a viable way of making money sitting at home, but it surely requires practice and expertise. There are only extreme consequences to arbitraging: either you lose hefty money or gain it. Thus, to fully make the most of arbitrage opportunities, one must practice trading at lower-end exchanges before upgrading to Binance. 

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