How to Easily Use Technology to Bring Your Sensual Fantasies to Life

It is human nature to become horny from time to time and want to find ways to scratch the itch, so to speak! While the days of clubbing the opposite sex over the head and carrying them back to your cave are well and truly over (thankfully), the innate desire to “let off steam” has remained. Fortunately, as the enterprising humans we are, numerous technological innovations have made it possible to sate the carnal urges that still inhabit us deep down. This post will look at some of the top ways that tech can bring your sensual fantasies to life, starting with the concept that started it all…the internet!

Make Full Use Of The Web

The web is a wonderful thing and, in many ways, is an online version of human nature manifest. With that said, there are plenty of websites you can visit to discover your fantasies and enjoy a little alone time.

Live Cams

A live cam website is somewhat similar to your run-of-the-mill pornography site, except it involves watching and sometimes participating with entertainers in real time. These so-called live sex cams are a great way to search for an arousing niche, turn it on, and enjoy the show. Most will be free to watch, while others will require a fee. However, the free options are usually paid-to-play in the sense that you have to pay if you want to interact with the actor or actress. Nonetheless, they are great places to watch carnal acts of passion with the added benefit of a more immersive experience.

Pornography Sites

A level below a live cam is the standard pornography websites that have been around in one form or another since the heady days of AltaVista! However, if you have somehow managed to miss the porn revolution over the past several decades…you’re in for a big shock! The sheer number of free-to-view sites is actually astonishing if you think about it. Nonetheless, this availability also makes it much more accessible to indulge in almost any fantasy you desire.

Subscription Services

With the overabundance of free porn sites, you might ask yourself why you would pay for anything, let alone a monthly subscription. Well, the answer might become more evident when you factor in sites like OnlyFans, which take this business model to the next level. OnlyFans and other similar options (but mostly OnlyFans) have become the go-to place to find a wealth of amateur pornography and have consequently built up a pretty substantial user base (over 50 million by some estimates). OnlyFans provides a more intimate experience than coverage pornography video might, as you are interacting with average folks. Moreover, you can choose to pay more if you really like an entertainer and want them to provide you with a private video or show.


This one might appear a little peculiar initially, but the right forums are brilliant places to find all kinds of sensual and erotic content. The first locations that come to mind are Reddit and Quora, the former being the best place to start. You simply search for a subreddit by typing n your kink, and low and behold; there will probably be something for you to enjoy. Furthermore, forums offer an outlet to interact with other like-minded individuals you might never hope to meet IRL. For example, if your fetish is pretty out there (no judgment here), it can be frustrating to find an outlet for it. However, because this is the Internet, there will always be at least one other person somewhere in the world who shares your…passion.

Download Erotic Literature To Your Kindle

Erotic novels are a chronically underrated form of arousing pleasure that not enough people take eh time to indulge in. In some cases, this could be due to their perceived popularity among women of a more mature variety, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are novels for almost all walks of life, from those who appreciate a bog-standard love story to those who prefer fan fiction which can take on some seriously bizarre twists as the story progresses! You can often find a treasure trove of content on Amazon or other online book repositories and download them to your Kindle to read at your leisure.

Invest In VR And Become Immersed In The Scene!

VR is the latest and greatest option that has managed to find its way into the world of porn production. If you thought that live cams give you a level of immersion like no other, just wait until you invest in a VR headset and find virtual reality videos that make use of the tech. Moreover, you can complement this new technology with older…more hands-on tech to help you reach erotic highs only comparable to real sex.

Sex is an ingrained aspect of the human condition, and it isn’t going away any time soon. However, what can be enjoyable can sometimes become frustrating without an outlet. Nonetheless, if you use the ideas presented here, you should be on your way to sensual satisfaction before you know it!

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