Many people like you presently enjoy collecting and preserving RC vehicles. However, most of them are unaware of how to select for themselves the perfect vehicle. 

Although many companies, such as Redcat Racing, sell various types of RC vehicles, you must know how to choose the most suitable one.

This article will serve as a comprehensive instructional guide on choosing the best RC vehicle. 

Different types of RC vehicles

Selecting a perfect vehicle isn’t easy as many manufacturers produce different products with different features. Several types of RC vehicles are available nowadays, such as RC cars, trucks for stadiums, short course trucks, buggies, rock crawlers, and monster trucks. 

Each of them has different features and added advantages. So before making a purchase, you must carefully analyze these aspects.

Factors to consider before making the decision

As discussed above, RC vehicles have many different categories and are built differently, so they perform differently. 

Here are some of the aspects one must carefully analyze before making the decision:

  • Where will the vehicle be used?

Before purchasing the vehicle, one of the most important factors to consider is the area where you might use the RC car. If you are planning to use the car in grassy regions, you must keep in mind that there’s a lot of added friction caused due to the presence of grass, and hence not all cars can be used in such regions. The compatible vehicles would be short course trucks, monster trucks, rock crawlers, and stadium trucks.

If the vehicle is to be run on pavement, you may select absolutely any RC vehicle as all of them are compatible to be used on pavements. If it is to be driven on a surface with dirt or gravel, there are a limited number of compatible vehicles. The compatible ones would be short course trucks, monster trucks, stadium trucks, and buggies. Although it wouldn’t be advisable if a situation arises when the vehicles are to be driven on dunes, the compatible vehicles would be short course trucks, monster trucks, and stadium trucks.

  • The purpose behind purchasing – crawling, bashing, or racing

Another essential factor that you must note before purchasing is the purpose these vehicles are meant to fulfill. You must decide whether it will be used for crawling, bashing, or racing. If you are using the RC car for bashing, a sturdy vehicle must be selected to withstand friction and collision. 

If you are buying a car for racing purposes, choose one that can run at a higher speed, like scooter ebike, and also must consider the area. As discussed above, different vehicles are compatible with different types of surface areas, pavements, grassy regions, etc. So they must make the selection accordingly.

  • Types of motor used

It is another crucial factor to think about while purchasing such vehicles. There are two commonly used motors: the brushed and the brushless ones. Brushed motors are cheaper and cool down faster than the brushless ones, which are more expensive. However, the brushless ones are more sturdy and durable and can help the vehicle quickly pick up speed. So before choosing a car, you must carefully analyze the preferred kind of motor.

So these are some factors that you must consider before purchasing an RC vehicle from several manufacturing companies, like Redcat Racing. Also, these companies often assist their customers in helping select the car, which is of great help for you.