Email marketing is a powerful tool. While email has been around since the 70s, it’s still one of the best ways to get in front of your audience and market your products and services.

However, that doesn’t mean that everyone is doing it right. Most people get it wrong when they use email videos to promote their products and services.

Here in this article, you can know how to use email videos for better revenues and sales and overcome common mistakes that most people make.

How to Capture Attention with Emails That Matter Most?

According to reports, using video on landing pages could increase conversion by up to 86 percent.

There are more than 1500 unread messages in your inbox at any time. That’s a lot of information to process before finding the most valuable mail.

To capture attention with the first email video, remember a few things.

  • Include a full and short subject line in your mail, so people know what is in the email before opening it.
  • In less than 15 words, explain why you’re sending them something they’ll be interested in. Tell them what they’ll find inside the email.
  • Make the highlight of your email video clear and compelling, but keep it short. You may want to include a “click-to-video” link so viewers can watch more if they are interested in seeing more videos from you.

The Problem Your Product Solves

There has to be a problem that your product solves for people. Show them how you can help solve their problems.

Make Your Videos Interactive with Calls-to-Action

A call-to-action is an instruction to your viewers that tells them what they should do next after watching the video. The goal of a call-to-action is to convince your audience to take action by purchasing something, contacting you, or sharing your videos with others.

A simple call-to-action could be “Click here to find out more,” but you can get creative and include calls-to-action within your videos as well.

When to Use Email Videos for Your Business?

Don’t just use the same email video in every email you send out. Be unique when representing your brand, products, and services. Focus on adding value when sending out content with your email videos.

For instance, if you have a fashion business with clothing, don’t just send out emails with clothing videos.

Think about the audience you’re targeting and choose things that fit into your customer’s lifestyle, such as fitness or travel videos.

Different Types of Email Video Emails You Can Use for Your Business

  1. Promotional Emails

These are emails that support your business and provide information about the products or services you offer. It should be the bulk of the email videos you send out to people.

  1. Educational Videos

By sharing helpful, informative content through email video, you’re providing value to your subscribers. So, include educational videos to help your audience grow.

  1. Brand Recognition Videos

Include videos that showcase how you and your business are unique from others in your industry to build brand recognition. To make a first impression positive with customers, include a welcome video at the beginning of your drip campaign or send a “hello” email after someone signs up for your newsletter.

  1. Call-to-Action Emails

Not all emails need to promote what you’re selling, but it’s good practice to offer something of value in exchange for email signups or social shares. Let people know about new products or services with a call-to-action video that encourages viewers to take action on your behalf.

How to Use Videos in Your Emails: Best Practices?

You must include a link and copy above the video, so people know what they’ll get when they click on it. Consider sending drip emails so people get your content in small chunks over time, which is excellent for building your brand and business confidence.

Keep your email videos brief (less than 2 minutes) so people don’t lose interest in what you’re promoting.