Christmas is almost here and while we can’t wait for this festival of lights, it is important to pay attention to the lighting and home decor one last time before the festive season begins. In olden times, decorating early for Christmas was believed to bring bad luck upon the home and while we don’t endorse that, we still believe going subtle before the festival is the way. We don’t suggest starting your decorations on the eve of Christmas either, but going too loud right before the festive season is definitely not the right thing to do.


The White Teak Company brings to you a few pieces of decor that are subtle enough for the pre-Christmas season but can also add that elegant touch to your festive decor later on. We list out the most versatile pieces of home decor that can literally blend into any kind of existing home decor – table lamps and floor lamps. Now, take a look at our picks for the season…


Table Lamps


Table lamps have emerged as one of the most sought-after elements of decoration and they offer quite a high functionality quotient too. The White Teak Company boasts an extensive range of table lamps and you can choose from Ceramic, Gold, Luxe or the Marble collection. Be it the energetic festive season or a lazy weekend, table lamps can literally blend into any part of your homes on any occasion and here are our picks to lend subtle elegance to your space… 


  1. Love Potion: This table lamp is one of our bestselling pieces and it comes with a white marble base embellished with a glossy gold finish. The beige lamp shade offers a sense of serenity and helps Love Potion lend a strong aura to your living space. 


  1. Day for a Knight: A state-of-the-art piece out of our ceramic collection, Day for a Knight looks striking in an all white design. The base embellished with a glossy gold symmetric pattern looks very enchanting yet it adds to the minimalistic personality of the table lamp. 


  1. Falling for you again: This masterpiece has a very unconventional design that is easy on the eyes. Housing crystals in its glossy gold base, Falling for you again comes with a double layered lampshade that looks very subtle and offers a touch of elegance and opulence to your living space. 


Floor lamps


Floor lamps are a very modest piece of decor and you can let them be as loud and as grand as you want them to. Take a look at our picks for the season to add that stroke of subtle opulence to your homes…


  1. Slate Abate: A state-of-the-art floor lamp from The White Teak’s stone veneer collection, Slate Abate is a must buy because of its versatility. Boasting a lampshade made out of stone veneer, this floor lamp has an enchanting appearance and is enough to blend in your subtle decor and loud enough to complement your festive decoration.


  1. Timeless beauty floor lamp: This one makes it to the list only because of the enormously positive aura this piece can lend to your living space. A design that’s easy on the eyes and an unmissable presence, this beauty becomes a must-buy. 


  1. Sundance: The main attraction of this floor lamp are the amber-tinted bubbles that house the lights. True to its name and the history behind it, Sundance is a very sober addition to your living space but offers a strong aura beyond your imagination.