Kratom has gained immense popularity, and there are no strong arguments to hinder its popularity. Life can be harsh, especially in this highly competitive era where fighting anxiety, stress, depression, pain, lack of sleep has become a daily part and parcel of life.

As medicinal science has immensely developed, and we have solutions to fight our daily battles, often, these treatments have varied side effects. It is here that nature comes to our rescue and makes us believe in its supremacy as one plant alone can help you deal with a variety of your daily issues. This article will help you explore one of the newest strains, i.e., yellow vietnam kratom. It will help you explore its benefits and how it is legal to consume at your workplace.

Kratom – The Basics

Kratom is a herbal product from the tropical tree Mitragyna Speciosa. It is a member of the coffee family and hails its origin to the South East Asian region, majorly because the weather and climate are hot and humid in that region aids in the proper growth of the plant. It is also known as Ketm, Ithang, and Kakum.

It has two compounds, i.e., 7- hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine. They react with the Opioid receptors present in the human body. They are responsible for exhibiting various benefits. Traditionally, people used to use its leaves or mixed them with tea.

Interestingly, based on the color of leaves and potency, there are majorly three strains of its strain:

  1. Red Vein

It is one of the most potent and popular strains. It tends to provide exceptional relaxing capabilities at a much faster pace. People dealing with a brain disorder, insomnia use it.

  1. Green Vein

It is known for providing an exceptional relaxing effect and boosting confidence and energy level in the body.

  1. White Vein

It helps deal with anxiety issues and boost your energy levels.

Over time, strains have become popular based on their place of origin. For instance, Bali Strain reduces pain, Borneo Kratom offers a high sedative effect. Indo has a less stimulating effect than other strains. In addition to this, Bentuangie can have much longer results, while the Maeng Da is the top-notch strain.

The Yellow Vietnam Kratom

As the name itself suggests, the strain finds its origin in Vietnam. It contains around 20% more alkaloids than other Kratom strains. The environment helps in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the plant. Interestingly, Yellow Vietnam has three unique qualities which separate it from other strains:

  1. Color– As the name suggests, the Yellow Vietnam Kratom is yellow. It is unlike the general red, white, or green available. It is different from the gold vein in the market.
  2. Better Taste– The other variables in the market tend to have a bitter taste. However, Yellow Vietnam Kratom is milder in taste in nature. It increases the effective strain by making direct ingestion easier and is the best way of consuming.
  3. Non- Sedative– The other variants possess high sedative effects. However, Yellow Vietnam is a non-sedative strain adding to its unique quality.
  4. Stomach Friendly – It tends to be easily digestible. It is mild on the stomach as compared to the other strain. It can upset the stomach and also affect your appetite.

The Plethora Of Benefits At Workplace

Like other variants of Kratom, this variety also exhibits a plethora of benefits on its consumption:

●   Analgesic Quality

Kratom binds itself with mu-opioid receptors in the human brain as the traditional opioids used as painkillers. Interestingly, the most active ingredient, i.e., 7-hydroxy mitragynine, is approx 13 times more potent than morphine. Due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it helps in alleviating pain. In a survey, around 8000 subjects using it identified reducing pain. Even though Yellow Vietnam is not as effective as the Indo Kratom however owing to the non-sedative properties, it provides a balancing experience without making you feel drowsy.

●   Euphoric Effects

Yellow Vietnam tends to be a more potent strain than other strains. Mitragynine reacts with an opioid receptor of the human brain. It helps in dealing with anxiety and depression. And thus, it gives a soothing, relaxed, and euphoric effect that can help deal with stress and anxiety-related situations.

●   Energy Booster

Yellow Vietnam Kratom tends to boost the energy levels for a longer time at a much faster pace. And thus, it can help you maintain your energy level throughout the day.

●   Increase Focus

It helps in increasing the focus and concentration level. Due to its non-sedative quality, it can significantly help increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

●   Mood Upliftment

Due to the high alkaloid content, the strain acts as a mood booster and helps you enjoy a soothing and relaxing experience. It offers a high energy level and increased focus. And thus, it roundly enhances your efficiency and effectiveness and ultimately helps in mood upliftment at a much faster pace.

●   Increase Visual Perception

Yellow Vein Kratom is unique as many users experience an enhanced visual perception.  

The Legality Of Kratom At Workplace

Kratom’s legality tends to vary depending on the jurisdiction. For instance, it is under the Psychoactive Substances Act of the UK. And thus, it is perfectly legal to buy and sell it in the UK. It is also legal in states in the US. Hence it is legal to consume Yellow Vietnam Kratom at your workplace in a jurisdiction where it doesn’t face any ban. Thus, you can enjoy the varied benefits associated with this unique strain.

Kratom acts like a stimulant if consumed in smaller amounts and can boost your energy level and provide you with a calm and relaxing effect that can increase the effectiveness and efficiency required at the workplace.

While many people may use coffee to maintain and boost their energy levels, various side effects exist along with coffee and energy drinks. For instance, caffeine can cause a racing heart, shakiness, and other problems. However, Kratom has no causes for the significant issue, and you can instantly feel energized and relaxed. And the fact that it has a non-sedative effect that won’t make you feel drowsy, interestingly, it is unlikely to be detected in a standard drug test, and hence you won’t have to worry even if your employer calls for a surprise drug test. Thus, you can consume Yellow Vietnam Kratom at your workplace, and there is no illegality associated with it.


Kratom is one of nature’s wonders, and if consumed with proper care and precaution, it is the best product. This article discusses the Yellow Vietnam Kratom and other significant strains. Therefore, this article seems to work as a guide to kratom strains. It is also legal in a jurisdiction like the US and UK. And thus, you can easily consume it even at your workplace.