Selling a wrecked car may seem like a hassle. But, with several convenient car buying options available today, you can sell your wrecked car for some quick cash with ease. 

You can type in ‘who buys wrecked cars near me‘ in the search engine to get started with the process. Local businesses such as junkyards, car buying services, used car services, or scrap metal dealers could pop up in your search results.

The article will help you identify the best way to sell your wrecked car and the factors you should consider before making the sale.

How to Sell a Wrecked Car?

Sell the Wrecked Car As-Is 

 If the damage to your car is limited, you can choose to repair the car yourself or take it to a mechanic. If you do not want to go through the hassle of repairs, you can sell the vehicle in its current condition.

 Selling your car could be as simple as creating a free post on Craigslist. You can use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to make a private sale. Mention the state the car is in to avoid any issues with the buyer. 

 Sell the Junk Car to a Car Buying Service

A car buying service such as will buy your car regardless of it is wrecked or not. So you do not have to fret about repairs or that your vehicle will not even start.

 You could get a free instant and fair offer online. The service providers will pick your car up for free and pay you cash on the spot. If you want a seamless wrecked car selling process, explore car buying services near you.

Sell the Car to a Junkyard

When you search for ‘who buys wrecked cars near me,’ you will come across junk or salvage yards.

Call ahead and confirm if they accept wrecked cars and the price they can offer. You do not want to get your car towed to the yard only to be refused or offered a poor deal.

Factors to Consider When Selling Your Wrecked Car

 Did you know that automobiles are among the most recycled items in the US? Twelve million vehicles are recycled every year that helps produce steel for 13 million new vehicles that help save 85 million barrels of oil.

 So your mere decision of selling the wrecked car generates environmental benefits.

 Choose to Associate with a Local Business

 When you pick a local business, you keep the money within your community. They can sell salvageable parts at a discounted price, and recyclable parts can be sent to recycling plants accordingly.

 By selling your wrecked car to a local business, you are boosting the community’s economy and contributing to a green future.  

 Selling Process

 The selling process should be convenient for you. If you have time on hand, you can handle the selling process independently. For example, you could make an online listing and deal with every potential buyer.

 If convenience is your priority, you can reach a car buying service for a free pick-up, on-the-spot cash offer.


 You can talk to a mechanic to understand what would be the best price to sell your wrecked car for. They can tell you if the car can work with minimum repairs, or selling parts would be cost-efficient.

 You can use this information to set a selling price for the vehicle and decide on the approach to selling it. 

 You can explore different avenues to sell a wrecked car, such as online posting, car buying service, junkyard, or scrap dealers, among others. When selling your junk vehicle, consider cost, convenience, contribution to the local economy and environment.