Sneakers are considered the style statement. It reflects our personality and our sense of style. These are the most versatile types of shoes available in the market. They provide you with both a casual and friendly look. You can style them in different ways and reflect your classiness.

Thus you can find so many sneaker options to pick from some renowned brands. But do you know which one of them is the best? If not, then here is a list for you. It will name some of the best sneakers options available for you.

Canvas sneakers

Canvas sneakers are the most flexible type of sneaker available to pick from. You can find them in brands like Nike, Asics, Puma, and Jordan. They are perfect for every occasion. You can style them with any of your outfits and make them stand out.

They provide you with comfort and a casual look. You can find these sneakers in so many colors and patterns to pick from. Besides this, if you are a shoe lover and have some staple pieces in your wardrobe, then casual sneakers are the best to-go. However, there are some noticeable features that you will find in the canvas sneakers.

  • It has a thick rubber outsole.
  • It has canvas uppers.
  • A canvas shoe has thick laces that will lie against the shoe

Athletic sneakers

These athletic sneakers or shoes come in a wide variety. They give you a sporty look. As the same suggests, you can wear these sneakers for athletic activities. You can use these shoe for-

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Jumping

However, make sure you choose these shoes according to the reason you want to use them. For instance, if you want these shoes for running purposes, choose the extra cushioned athletic shoes to support your feet. On the other hand, if you want shoes for playing basketball, pick shoes with high ankle support.

It will save you from any type of ankle injury. Shoes play an important role in making your feet safe, but if you choose the wrong type of shoes or uncomfortable ones, you can also hurt your leg. That is why you must pick the right type of shoes according to their usage. Besides this, these shoes are best for long and hectic days. It will not make your feet tired.

Mid-cut sneakers

These shoes come between short canvas and high ankle shoes. As the name implies, these shoes have a medium ankle. They are made of rubber soles. These types of shoes are quite comfortable and lightweight. They are perfect for long days. Besides this, these sneakers are quite good and sustainable for your feet and the environment. However, whenever you pick these types of shoes, then make sure you pick the material which is-

  • Eco-friendly fibers
  • Recyclable materials
  • Biodegradable

You can style these shoes which your formal look and casual look. Just wear a good pair of shirt and jeans and these mid-cut sneakers, and you are perfectly ready for your night. Besides this, these shoes will also keep your ankles warm and stiff. get the best sneakers on uggs

Slip-on sneakers

If you want a cute and comfy sneaker, slip-on sneakers are the best option. They make your clothes stand out without compromising your comfort. You can carry these shoes with any of your outfits and make them stand out. However, do you know what makes these sneakers the more comfortable option? If not, then check out below-

  • Cushioned insole is available to provide you with extra comfort
  • The sole has a thick and sturdy outsole which makes it durable
  • Comes in so many patterns and styles and color options

Slip-on sneakers for men come with elasticized collars. That means you can easily wear it and take it out without touching it. On the other hand, the women’s slip-on sneakers can go with any casual and formal look. You can pair them with jeans, skirts, leggings, shorts, and dresses. They give you a subtle and elegant look and make you comfortable all day long.

Platform sneakers

If you want sneakers for daily purposes, then platforms sneakers are quite a good option. You will get both comfort and style in these sneakers. Besides this, if you want some extra height, you can add inches to it. However, there are several reasons which make these shoes a comfortable option to pick-

  • They have a thicker outsole
  • These sneakers are really lightweight
  • You can carry them with any of your outfits
  • It perfectly blends with your personality and provides you with a fashion statement.
  • They are quite comfortable for long days.

These sneakers are a great option to pick for the weather, which is warm but not that warm. They perfectly complement your attire and make it stand out. Besides this, today, so many brides opt for these sneakers to provide some extraordinary look on their big day./ you can style these shoes with capris, jeans, leggings, trousers, etc.

Velcro sneakers

If you want to rewind your childhood days, these sneakers are the best option. These Velcro sneakers will bring back all those old-school memories. However, these Velcro sneakers usually include-

  • Thick rubber insoles
  • It comes will two or three Velcro straps on the top of the shoe
  • These shoes are made up of canvas and synthetic material

These shoes provide you with a cute and comfy look. They are best for everyday events, brunch dates, and late-night parties.

Alpargata sneakers

These types of sneakers basically reveal the traditional version of shoes. The sole comprises braided fiber or rope instead of cushioned rubber. It comes with a loop to tie around the foot. The colors of these shoes are quite a bevy. These shoes are quite comfortable and flexible. You can style them for every occasion like-

  • Concerts
  • Weekend errands
  • Casual date night

They provide you wide variety of options and colors. They offer you flexibility and comfort. You can style these shoes in different ways like with jeans, Capri, pants, legging skirts, etc. they are super versatile and go through a type of sneakers.