sqm Club is a European Club that is trying to make conscious to the young generation about carbon emission. In the era where nobody is ready to help someone, everyone is reacting dumb. There s a group of self aware people those are trying to help people & the mother earth to recover from the damage that we caused by emitting CO2. Now Sqm club comes to the light. SQM Club members are spreading awareness throughout the world to low the amount of carbon residue that we are producing in our daily life.

sqm Club:- We all are aware of the environmental changes happening around us. Comparing the environment conditions of today with the environment condition of 20 year before we are noticing a huge change & this change is not positive. We all are polluting our environment with our actions & putting our life in danger.

SQM Club views on how environment is polluting day by day?

Talking about our daily little actions that we usually do, we all are the reason of global warming. The food we take (eating non vegetarian), the food that we waste, the excess of clothes that we buy & the industries that we are building (harmful gases are released), & the cutting of trees (deforestation) all are the main causes that we are doing to pollute the environment.

Everything is made up of carbon , even we all are made up of carbon. So whatever we produce or emits has carbon parts in it.

Carbon is one of the biggest reason of pollution. We human are cutting forests just to fulfill our needs, to grow crops to feed the animals, so that they can give meat, eggs, wool, milk etc, Are not we intelligent? We are dumb. Just for the enjoyment of some seconds we are putting our future generation’s life into threat.

We know that trees, plants take the harmful CO2 to make their food & produces O2 for us, so that we could breathe & we super intelligent humans are paving way to death.

How we are causing pollution in little steps?

  • Buying lots of unnecessary products just to do show off & follow trend.
  • Not doing physical work & depending upon the machines to do chores & other things.
  • Not using public transportation & going on personal vehicle (cars).
  • Using so cold plastic products that take 1000s of years to degrade.
  • Beef production is one of the biggest reason of global warming.
  • Use of air conditioner, heaters & microwaves.
  • Bursting crackers.
  • Industries produces harmful gases such as sulphur di oxide, carbon mono oxide that are really injurious to health & causes global warming.

This club has created a mobile software, where you can track the amount of carbon emission that you emit on a daily basis. This will allow you to minimize the number of carbon emission & help you to become a responsible human being.

Sqm Club has launched the smart phone software named as SQM Club carbon footprint tracker. This software helps its users to track their carbon footprint that they are doing by their day today life actions. So that one could understand the damage they are causing to tha environment.

Point to be noted that sQm Club does not provide any services, it only tries encourage the young generation to go sustainable & help their planet. Now you must be wondering, what is sustainable & how can we go sustainable?


It means using the natural resources without harming the environment. For example- solar energy, tidal energy, wind energy to meet our daily needs & necessities. Using resources in less quantity & saving it for our future generation.

How Sqm club can help in Sustainable Development 

Sustainable development is a development that meets the need of present generation without compromising the needs of our future generation. In this way we improve our society without causing any damage to the environment.

sqM Club promotes sustainable development. This club’s members use the energy produced by renewable resources. They are reducing the uses of portable water. They are trying to reduce the wastage created by people on a daily basis. These people only use recycled paper & wood products that are certified by FSC.