When making a list of luxury cars worldwide, one name tends to take the lead— Ferrari. As of 2018, it earned the title of the most expensive classic car brand in the world, with its iconic Tour de France-winning 1963 250 GTO selling for about $70 million. 

If you are looking to expand your vintage car collection via Dyler or you are just a car enthusiast, this article reveals some fantastic things you should know about the global luxury automobile brand, Ferrari. 

What Is Ferrari? 

Ferrari is an Italian automobile company known as one of the top luxury car brands in the world today. They are hand-built in a factory in Maranello and are distinct for their V8 and V12 engines with automatic transmissions.

The car brand was named after its founder, Enzo Ferrari, and initially started as only a race car manufacturer before venturing into mainstream automobiles. 

Today, Ferrari is ranked as the 10th largest car maker in the world, with a worth of $52.21 billion.

When did Ferrari begin to make cars?

Ferrari started making cars as far back as 1929, albeit it was called Scuderia Ferrari, the racing car/ race team division of Alfa Romeo headed by Enzo Ferrari. 

Ten years later, Ferrari left Alfa Romeo with the agreement not to use the name “Ferrari” with anything that pertains to racing cars for at least four years. 

This agreement prompted Ferrari to start a company focused on making machine tools and aircraft accessories instead. Years later, the first Ferrari car debuted at Mille Miglia under a company called Fiat. Since the vehicle was manufactured in the wake of the Second World War, it had little competition. 

The Ferrari Factory moved to Maranello in 1943 and has remained there ever since. It began production of road cars as part of its rebuilding project after a bombing incident. Scuderia Ferrari was then reestablished as the race car division of the company. 

How many cars does Ferrari build each year?

From their first road car production in 1949 to date, Ferrari has sold hundreds of thousands of car models; however, they barely divulge just how many cars they produce each year. According to reports, approximately 8,400 Ferrari cars are sold annually after being manufactured in their Manello Factory.

The figure above may seem small compared to the production rate of other popular car brands. It is so because Ferrari focuses on maintaining an exceptional quality standard over large quantity production. Even after many years, this car brand is committed to making hand-built vehicles. 

What’s the cheapest and most expensive Ferrari? 

In the price spectrum of cars, Ferraris are usually on the high side. They are sold from $200,000 to over $300,000 and may cost way more for models considered classics. 

The price of a Ferrari depends on several factors, from its model type to year of production to engine type. In that light, the most affordable Ferrari model is the 1981 Ferrari Mondial.

You can find this model as low as $30,000, which is ridiculously low compared to the price of any Ferrari today. It is the only convertible ever made with a 2+2 mid-engine. It is also distinct for its low annual maintenance, which ranges from $6,000 to $10,000. The downside to this model is that it is fragile and easily subject to electrical failure. 

The most expensive is the Ferrari 250 GTO, with a public auction price of $52 million. It is the most costly Ferrari, according to public records, and is considered the “ultimate Ferrari” by vintage automobile collectors. Only 69 copies of this model were ever made. 

Interesting facts about Ferrari

Apart from being a highly sort after luxury car brand in the world, some other interesting facts about Ferrari are: 

A War Veteran inspired the Ferrari Logo 

The famous prancing horse logo of Ferrari originally belonged to Francesco Barraca, a flying ace that was killed during World War 1. When Enzo Ferrari met the Veteran’s parents in 1923, they suggested he adopt the logo for good luck. 

It is a Completely Customizable Car

Ferrari distinguishes itself from other automobile brands by creating a tailor-made program for its customers. This program allows customers to modify certain features of their Ferrari bought from the Maranello factory to meet their tastes. It includes selecting unique characteristics via Atelier Ferrari (Ferrari’s studio), like tire treads, color, finishing, accessories, etc. 

It Comes in Other Colors Aside from Red

When you hear Ferrari, the image that comes to mind is a fast-racing red car, but that’s not all there is. While red is the most common color of Ferraris, they are also available in black, silver, white and green. 

Bottom Line 

The Ferrari automobile company is known for many things, including its consistency and excellent branding. Often, this car brand is ranked with big names like Coca-Cola and Hollywood due to its amazing brand recognition.