Magic mushroom is one of the many psychedelics available in Canada. Canadians use this psychedelic for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. Even Health Canada recognizes the importance of using psilocybin (the active component of magic mushroom) as a treatment for palliative care patients to relieve end-of-life suffering.

These supporting studies made it possible for shrooms to become accessible from reputable online dispensaries. Dispensaries provide an extensive selection of mushroom strains, thereby presenting a challenge to customers in selecting the ideal product. Treasure Coast mushroom strain is a highly recommended option, offering above-average potency that can enhance one’s mood.

What is Treasure Coast Mushroom?

There are around 180 psilocybin-contain mushrooms worldwide, and these fungi are categorized based on their strains or subgroups. Classifying these fungi makes it easy to identify and breed for offspring. 

Among the 180 magic mushrooms, the Psilocybe cubensis species is the most accessible type in online dispensaries. You can find different strains of this mushroom, including the Treasure Coast. 

The Treasure Coast strain is known for its quick colonization, often maturing in less than 12 days. It produces numerous mature fruits from the casing trays, indicating its high fruiting potential. The strain’s mature fruits have light-coloured crowns that may look like true albinos.

The strain initially appeared on the Gulf Coast of Southern Florida, but there is no information regarding the person who collected and isolated the specimen. 

Although lacking a clear history, this strain is renowned for two distinctive qualities. First, it possesses a potency that can be twice that of other Psilocybe cubensis strains. Second, it regularly produces leucistic fruiting bodies, which lack pigment and appear white, through spontaneous spore development.

Effects and Potency of Treasure Coast Mushroom

All psychedelic shrooms’ potency is affected by the growing circumstances and psilocybin level. That is why it is difficult to determine the exact amount of psilocybin. Often the potency is based on most consumers’ claims, and the majority have concluded that Treasure Coast has an above-average trip intensity. 

The potency can affect how users will experience their psychedelic of choice, but other factors like dosage, body metabolism, the experience of the user, age, weight, etc., also influence the effects. 

This strain delivers a potent high that can be strong. Upon ingestion, your body may experience tingling sensations while your mind encounters a vivid, bright visual experience that is often accompanied by feelings of optimism. The onset of the strain depends on the amount and method of consumption.

For example, in high doses of Lemon Tek, you can get an immediate result as fast as 10 to 30 minutes. Beginners should be careful to avoid overwhelming effects that may lead to a bad trip.


All magic mushrooms contain psilocybin as the primary compound that induces hallucinations, changes in perception, and spiritual experiences, providing the same benefits to users.

Psilocybin has been found to have a significant impact on mental health, making it a commonly sought-after benefit. Several studies have explored its effects on human behaviour, mood, cognition, and brain function, including the ongoing research at Johns Hopkins University. Their latest findings indicate that psilocybin can effectively alleviate symptoms of major depression.

Diamond Therapeutics (Toronto, Canada) conducted an experiment that showed the potential of low doses of psilocybin in treating mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Currently, the company is conducting its Phase 2 clinical trial to test the safety and efficacy of repeated low-dose psilocybin in patients with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Aside from managing mental health, psilocybin in magic mushrooms is also known for helping with cluster headaches, substance addiction, mood improvement, developing new brain connections, and inducing creative thinking.

How to Use Treasure Coast?

After discovering this strain’s effects, potency, and benefits, you will want to know some ways you can use this mushroom. Below are simple and effective methods to consume this strain:

  • Eat them directly: Psychonauts prefer to consume the shroom directly. However, this method has a drawback due to the unpleasant taste and texture of magic mushrooms, which can induce nausea. Chitin, a type of fibre that humans cannot easily digest, is responsible for the. 
  • Make tea: To avoid taste and digestive issues, many users make tea with shrooms. It is a straightforward and easy process, similar to making tea with loose leaves.
  • Create Lemon Tek. Adding lemon to crushed dried shrooms will intensify and accelerate the trip as the lemon converts psilocybin to psilocin, the compound that causes hallucinations as it enters the blood-brain barrier. Simply replace water with lemon when crushing the dried shrooms when using this method.
  • Add on smoothies: Blending all the ingredients together is a simple way to mask the taste of mushrooms and have a psychedelic experience while also enhancing cognitive thinking.

Final Thoughts

To embark on an otherworldly journey, many users seek out Treasure Coast mushroom, a highly potent strain of Psilocybe cubensis known for its ability to induce powerful trips in high doses. 

Fortunately, accessing this strain and other varieties of psilocybin mushrooms has become easier with reputable online dispensaries such as Zoomies Canada, which provide a safe and convenient way to explore the world of psychedelics.