What Is Tantric Massage?

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Tantric massage is a type of massage that is based on tantric ideas, this ancient spiritual tradition that originated in Central Asia and Southeast Asia. Throughout most modern-day Western practice, tantric massage entails rubbing and stimulating one’s entire body, with a special emphasis on sensitive regions such as the vulva and penis. Tantra massage was commonly referred to as a sensual massage, but it also includes components of breathwork, mindfulness, and awareness and it is not always sexual. A tantric massage in London does have an energetic and spiritual component in which the provider assists the receiver in moving energy to the body to achieve inner healing.

Tantra derives from traditional Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain practices, however most tantra studied and practiced throughout the West is neotantra, a modern version that focuses solely on divine sexuality rather than the other religious and spiritual components of ancient tantra.

What takes place during a tantric massage?

What occurs during a tantric massage inside a massage shop or wellness center varies considerably based on the establishment. Tantric massage, in general, is rubbing and stimulating the person’s entire body, including the genital area, while performing breathwork, meditation, as well as other energy and spiritual work. Tantric massage techniques have included yoni massage (focuses solely on the vulva), lingam treatment (which focuses on the penis), and rubbing the sensitive spot.

Tantric massage may also be done at your household with a spouse which can be used to incorporate a slower, extra purposeful, and more personal type of intimacy into a pair’s sexual life.

People may orgasm throughout the tantra massage, however, this is not the intention. The tantric massage focuses on leaning towards pleasure, removing energy blockages and stress, and spiritually uniting with another individual. Tantra massage does not generally include intercourse, but it can be included within a tantric sex act between couples. Read more – free hardcore adult videos

How to Perform the Tantric Massage?

Before trying to provide a tantric massage, it will be a good idea to familiarize yourself with tantric concepts in general, since it will guarantee you engage the encounter with a sense of holy connection and deliberate pleasure.

These are the most important aspects of a tantric massage.

  • Receiving pleasure without feeling obliged to respond for the receiver.
  • The massager must be happy to deliver pleasure without expecting anything in return.
  • For the provider, knowing the value of contact and knowing how to read their partner’s body gestures.
  • For either, ignoring about the time
  • Each spouse is driven by the need to satisfy one another.
  • In order to prepare for the session, maintain good personal cleanliness.

It is frequently difficult for somebody to verbalize how they would like to be touched, as well as many people seem inadequate in the manner they touch each other. Touching someone else in the manner they would like to be touched takes a bit of time, understanding, and open-mindedness.

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Different Forms of Tantric Massage

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage, originating from Sanskrit term for “penis,” is a tantric ritual that involves rubbing the penis as well as surrounding areas. The following parts of the body are rubbed throughout a lingam massage, including the penis, testicles, perineum, and even the prostate.

Here’s how to perform the Lingam Massage properly:

  • Soothe the penis by having them lie on their backside in a favorable spot, legs spread and the knees are bent. Tell them to take deep breaths during the encounter.
  • Breathe in their aroused energy while exhaling love energy.
  • Lubricate and massage around penile areas, beginning with the thighs, pubic region, and perineum.
  • Rub the testicles carefully and softly. You can lightly pull them, hold them gently in your hands, or even use your fingertips on them.
  • Massage the head with a variety of grips, stroke patterns, and twisting movements. Change between two hands and from slower to quick.
  • Don’t ever let them reach a climax. Maintain them on the edges of orgasm, often referred to as edging.
  • When they’re at ease, massage their sacred region, also identified as the prostate.
  • Let your spouse finish through an ejaculation climax once they’re ready.

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage treatment focuses on helping you feel relaxed in your own skin and gain a greater knowledge of what works for you.

The Sanskrit term for vagina is the yoni, meaning “a holy place.”A yoni therapy treats the vagina like a sacred area in the body deserving of attention and respect.

Because it’s a spiritual discipline, one’s mind is just as important as their body. You need to ensure that both are prepared for the encounter.

Here’s how you can perform Yoni Massage properly:

  • Allow the person to relax on their backside in a suitable position with a cushion underneath their hips, the knees are up, and feet firmly on the floor.
  • Assist them in reconnecting with their breath.
  • Warm it up with tantric breast massaging or sensual massages to gradually increase desire.
  • Begin massaging the clitoris at the vulva by circling, pressing and pulling, rolling, taps, and G-spot massaging.
  • Encourage your spouse to attempt edging or turn in for many rounds of orgasms.

Tantric Breast Massage

Tantric breast massage, also known as nipple massage, is simply the application of tantric massage concepts towards the breasts

Here’s how you can do it properly:

  • Set the mood by lighting candles, burning incense, or playing music to make your lover feel sensual.
  • Ask them to concentrate on their breathing and to take long, breathe deeply during the event.
  • Pour some oil in the middle of their chest, across their breasts, and all over their tummy.
  • Massage the abdomen first to stimulate sexual tension before going on with the breasts.
  • Circulate the breasts with a feathery touch before squeezing and massaging them.
  • When their body begs for it, use pinching, tracing, and twisting to get through the nipples.
  • Rub their body upward as they approach climax. Allow them to move up and down their spines and sway their hips to stimulate excitation across the entire body, resulting in sensations of pleasure.

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