If you are a gambler by hobby & you like to bet on lots of games & sports, then this article is for you. As a gambler you must be familiar with so many gambling sports sites. But here is a website that is a little weird & interesting at the same time that is about cock fighting. Yeah! You read the correctly here is a site that organizes roosters fight. Only a few people know about this betting website and it is WPC2029. In this article we will know about what is WPC and the guide of wpc2029 live login & registration.

What is WPC?

WPC is World Pitmaster Cock. This is a betting site that arranges cocks fighting. WPC2029 Live is held in Philippines every year. The native people of Philippines participate eagerly in this game. They wait patiently for this game every year. They prepare their cock for the whole year by giving him supplements, steroids & expensive food just to win in this fight. WPC offers exciting cash prizes to the winner. The fighting is organised every year like after wpc2026 live login, people will start searching for wpc2029.

Why WPC2029 Live Login is so famous in Philippines?

WPC is a traditional game of Philippines. They are arranging this cock fighting since 1521 the time when Ferdinand Magellan discovered Philippines. People have different level of craze for this game. They play it to earn money & fame.  WPC is an important part of their life. The Philippines people like this game so much that there are more than 2500 stadiums only in Philippines. Philippines people enjoy watching two cocks fighting. They bet on the strongest cock.

The nature of Cocks used in cock fighting?

The cocks those are prepared for this fight are very strong. They are very aggressive by nature. The owner of the cock trains them to be aggressive & ready to attack on the opponent. They fed their cocks supplements, steroids& energy enhancing drugs to make their cock stronger. They take care of their body too for example- if their beak & nails are sharp or not. They massage their cock with mustard seed oil etc. People of Philippines spend more than $1 billion to buy bird food, steroids & energy enhancing drugs.

How to register in WPC2029 Live Login

WPC2029 registration is very easy & free of cost. To open your account in WPC2029 Live all you need to do is write a username then you will have to create a strong password & rewrite the password. There you will get access to many virtual games to play. You can refer your friends to get refer money. If you are fed up of playing your old virtual games & are searching for new VR game then you must try WPC2029 Live Login. Both iOS& android users can access this application. This game is free to download & it allows player to select multiple game modes.

How winner of the WPC2029 is get selected?

When the day of fighting comes people start coming with their aggressive cocks. Those cocks are so wild & angry. Owner of the cock keep them while wearing gloves on the hands as the cocks claw & beak is so sharp. Both the cocks are left on the two ends of rings & are massaged with mustard seeds oil to moist their beak & nails. Both of them fight with cruelty. They try to kill one another.

The winner of the fight gets selected by their strength, stamina, sharpness & how they attack. People bet on the cock while checking how they fly, jump & how they use their beak.

WPC2029 Live Login- Is it legal?

WPC2029 Live game is legally approved in Philippines, Indonesia & some other countries. But it comes in the category of illegal in the rest countries. People enjoy this game worldwide. They do betting & win exciting cash prizes by this.

Bottom line-

Because this game is totally based on animal cruelty, it’s directly causing harm to birds. Just to win in this game the owner of the cock fills the cock with aggression & cruelty. But people enjoy it. They use it as a way of pleasure, removing stress & a way to check their luck.