8 Least Played Champions That Could Use A Rework

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League of Legends is a game that is continuously changing, with new champions, reworks, and equipment appearing on a near-daily basis. Even with continuous additions and modifications, though, certain champions seem to fall behind. These are the champions in the League who haven’t been used in a long time and might benefit from a revamp to get them back into rotation. While they may not be the most flashy or popular choices, they nevertheless offer promise and might be viable options for individuals searching for a unique experience. 

Some of these champions are in desperate need of attention, while others only want modest adjustments to make them more viable in today’s game. In any case, we hope that this essay will be useful to people wishing to try something new on the rift!

  • Bard

The Caretaker on the Move Bard is a one-of-a-kind champion who does not use regular mana. His powers, on the other hand, put him and his allies to sleep, rendering them invulnerable for a brief time. While this appears to be a fantastic ability, it hasn’t seen much use in the current meta owing to its low damage output. Bard’s equipment might be improved to make him more useful as a support or AP carrier. This author believes that if employed right, Bard might be an excellent complement to any squad. In addition, in the proper hands, his ultimate might be lethal. Moreover, the least played League champions tend to be the ones that are most in need of a rework.

  • Blitzcrank

The Great Golem of Steam Blitzcrank is a tanky support with a knack for starting fights and peeling for his carries. He’s seen some action in the past, but not as much lately. This is most likely due to a mix of his kit no longer being as powerful as it once was, as well as the current meta favoring other champions. Blitzcrank, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind champion that, when played appropriately, has the capacity to drastically transform the result of a fight. He might easily become a force to be reckoned with on the Rift again with a little bit of care. Many people think that Blitzcrank needs to be reworked because he hasn’t changed much in a long time.

  • Nasus

The Sands Curator is a person who is in charge of looking after the sands Nasus is a tanky melee champion that specializes at split pushing and farming. Due to his lack of crowd management and agility, he hasn’t seen much action in recent years. Nasus, on the other hand, has the potential to be a very strong selection if used properly. He can stack health and damage with his ultimate, making him a danger even late in the game. Nasus may easily reclaim his place as a top-tier choice with a few tweaks to his equipment. Furthermore, many people love his distinct playing technique, which may be worth exploring.

  • Sion

Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, is a huge, tanky champion who excels in melee combat. Unfortunately, he has a very weak early game and is really tough to use ultimate. He’s seen some play before, but it’s always been in extremely specialized niches. Sion, with a few tweaks to his gear, could easily reclaim his spot as a strong choice. He is difficult to take down due to his strong basic damage and health values, and his shield allows him to attack adversaries without taking too much damage. Furthermore, his ability might be modified to make it more efficient in teamfights, making him a serious danger.

  • Nautilus

The Titan of the Depths is a titan from the depths of the ocean. Nautilus is a tanky support champion with a knack for crowd management and peeling for his teammates. He does, however, have a weak laning phase and an ultimate that is tough to deploy successfully. He’s seen some plays before, but it’s always been in extremely specialized niches. However, with a few tweaks to his gear, Nautilus may easily reclaim his spot as a viable option. He is difficult to take down due to his strong basic damage and health values, and his shield allows him to attack adversaries without taking too much damage. His ultimate may also be adjusted to make it more efficient in teamfights, making him a highly formidable pick in the proper hands.

  • Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger is a one-of-a-kind champion who hasn’t seen much action in recent years. In the present state of the game, his lack of mobility and difficult-to-use talents make him a difficult sell. However, he has a lot of utility, especially in teamfights, that might be put to good use if he was employed more frequently. His turrets can easily control an area, and his grenade may cause foes to flee, allowing his comrades to kill them one by one. Heimerdinger could easily become a must-have selection in any lineup with a few tweaks to his kit.

  • Yorick

Yorick is a dreadful champion that, although not being the strongest, can easily hold his own in combat. His arsenal consists of zombies that he may call to do his bidding and can be employed for both offensive and defense. Yorick’s issue is his inability to move about and his difficult-to-use ultimate ability. If these two issues were solved, he would very certainly see greater action. Many players adore champions that have a ‘pet’ feature, and Yorick puts his own spin on it.

  • Zac

Zac is a tanky champion with a kit that lets him absorb damage before releasing it as an AOE. In order to reach his targets, he may also use comrades as jumping platforms. While he does have some crowd control skills, they are tricky to land and aren’t really useful. Zac’s biggest problem is that he feels fairly one-dimensional and lacks much in the way of individuality. In order to make him more viable in the current meta, his kit might require some improvement.


To summarize, the champions stated above might benefit from a change to make them more viable and intriguing. While this list isn’t in any particular order, it’s worth noting that certain champions are in more desperate need of help than others.

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